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 Social Studies site banner  Sheppard Software Math

Geography & Climate

ABCYA - Awesome! Study Jams  Soft 13 colonies
 Wonderopolis logo
 G- Cubed
 Funbrain Jr.  Math is Fun
Funbrain math arcade






 Funbrain reading    National Geographic Kids
 Sheppard Software Science
     Study Jams
 Multiple Subjects



e-learning for kids
Academic Skill Builder
 Turtle Diary
Money Counting
Mr. Nussbaum Learning and Fun
Matching Money
Levels:     1      2      3
    Toy Theater Art 

ABCYa Paint



  T y p i n g  

  F r a c t i o n s


Typing games: image of color coded keyboard and hand placement
 Mr. Nussbaum presents Fraction Workshop Build your wild self
 Keyboard Ninja   Orisinal 
Keyboard Climber


Type a Balloon  GEOMETRYSheppard Software Math  


 Technology  Toy Theater Puzzles  

 e-learning for kidsComputer Skills

Brain Games  
  Jig Zone Logo
Jigsaw Puzzles Online 

Classroom Laptop Labs

  Grade Level Laptop Labs
 1 2
 Alphabet Puzzle
Keyboard Climber
Word invasion 
Parts of Speech
ABC Alphabet order

Missing numbers
Interactive Sites for Education

 Fuzz Bugs Counting and Sorting

Counting - Sorting - Comparing 

Count how many

 Symmetry Shape Game

Shoot the Shape
Furious Frogs
 Color short and long vowels




Fruit Shoot
Number Line

Short Vowels

Octopus FeedHomonyms

      measuring angles


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