Neal Dow Elementary School - School Site Council
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Neal Dow School Site Council

What is the School Site Council?

The purpose of this counsel is to:

1. Develop and recommend the school improvement plan.

2. Have ongoing responsibility to review with the principal, teachers, and other school personnel, the implementation of the school improvement program; and to assess periodically the effectiveness of the program.

3. Annually review the school improvement plan, establish a new school improvement budget consistent with the Education Code, and if necessary, make modifications in the plan to reflect changing improvement needs and priorities.

4. Take other actions as required by the Education Code.

5. While the School Site Council is entrusted with these responsibilities, it has no authority to enact, enforce, or administer education policy, plans, or programs. The Council's purpose is to advise the principal who, in turn, advises the superintendent and the Board of Education regarding educational programs.

6. The Council is a vital and important resource to the school and to the principal who ultimately remains responsible for decisions which are necessary for the administration and supervision of the school in accordance with Section 78.9 of the California Administrative Code.

These meetings are open to the public, if you are interested in attending,
Meetings are on the second Wednesday of the Month
Beginning at 2:45 pm
 Click the Bylaws link below to read about the specifics which guide the School Site Council here at Neal Dow.

School Site Council Members

Name Capacity 
David Murgia Principal 
Liz Parks
Parent (President)
Trinette Samson Parent
Wayne Samson Parent


Lindsey Erwin Teacher
Kellie Steinbach Teacher
Kelly Noble Teacher
Terry Barth-Duch  Other Employee




SSC Minutes