Neal Dow Elementary School - Construction Updates
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Photo of building D and E framework

Building D & E Updates

Crews at Neal Dow have been busy framing up our three new buildings. Two buildings (D&E) will be classroom buildings and the third building is a multipurpose building with a full size basketball court, a stage, dinning area and kitchen.
Our next step is to get buildings D & E weatherized and interior work finalized by the end of April!

Project Background

Neal Dow Elementary School is a three-phase construction project.
Phase One - Site Work
Phase Two - Concrete Foundations
Phase Three - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structure and all Finishes
The project consists of the following: the addition of two new classroom buildings (for a total of six classrooms), renovation of all existing buildings (including the library), the addition of a new multipurpose building and various site work such as utilities, playground renovations, concrete, drainage and landscaping.

Take a Tour

Photo of walls going up.
Photo of workers finalizing concrete slab
Photo of concrete slab
Photo of building D and E framework

Project Details - Updated 8/13/19

A.  When:
                a.  Schedule:
                                i.  Work Commenced on: Summer 2017
                                ii.  Scheduled Completion: Spring of 2020
B.  Who:
                a.   Architect & Designer: DLR Group, Sacramento
                b.  Contractor: BCM Construction, Chico
C.  What:
                a.  Background: Four phased construction project, we are completing phase two before school starts.
                                i.  The scope of this project included the addition of two new classroom buildings a new Multipurpose Room/Gymnasium and the renovation of all existing buildings including the library.
                                ii.   Construction Cost: $21.4 M.
                                iii.  Funding: Measure E and Measure K